A Year for the History Books

In these uncertain times, planning anything has been a challenge. Looking over history, the country has been through pandemics, financial uncertainty, and racial inequality, but not all at the same time. Even with all the bad, Monmouth College Editor and Historian Jeff Rankin, has seen resilience:

“Even in a small town like Monmouth, there has been a positive upbeat attitude. I think people early on got on board with the social distancing and began to sort of embrace what they knew they had to do. That is what Americans have always done during wars or anything like that. The community has come together and we have been fortunate. We have not had any deaths. We have had a number of cases and there is uncertainty everywhere, but people are looking beyond it and looking toward next year and when we can finally get past this crazy time,” Rankin shares.

For more on Monmouth’s history of experienced pandemics, financial crises, and racial inequality listen to Rankin’s podcast below:

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