Moving Forward

Since Aisha Arteaga, Kaeli Shelton, Kelci Shelton, and Yanni Arteaga organized a peaceful protest in downtown Monmouth on June 3rd in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and promoting racial unity, the four have seen changes and would like to see the momentum continue, says Kaeli Shelton:

“You see the numbers dwindling and I just don’t want is happening to be swept under the rug. I want the momentum to keep going. We want to keep having the conversation and I understand everyone can’t be at every single event, I feel it is still important to be active and still talk about what is going on because it is not done. It is not over. There have been huge changes in the world, but it’s not enough yet. We are not there yet. I don’t want the momentum to just die down,” Shelton states.

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