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United School Board Approves Hybrid Plan for Returning this Fall

The United School Board appointed Amelia Tierney as the seventh member on the Board to complete the term of a recent resignation, says Superintendent Jeff Whitsitt:

“When that position opened up in the early summer, I thought we would get no applicants because who would want to jump into that position right now. Thankfully we had six really solid applicants, six really good interviews, and I won’t say it was an easy call for our Board at all. They had a lot of discussion and were able to decide on one person and she gladly accepted. So we appointed her and swore her in as a member of the Board,” states Whitsitt.

The Board then approved with a vote of 4-3 on a hybrid two group plan for returning to school this fall; two days in-school and three days remote learning each week.

Students first day of school at United will be Monday, August 24th.

In the approved hybrid plan, two days in-school and three days remote learning, for the United School District, principals will be in charge of separating students into groups, taking families into consideration. Students in Group A will be face to face learning Monday and Tuesday, with Wednesday being remote learning for all students as buildings are sanitized, then Group B will face to face learn on Thursday and Friday. Superintendent Whitsitt explains the process in the instance an individual presents with COVID symptoms or tests positive:

“In the situation where we do have an individual that test positive, we have very specific guidelines as to quarantine and what they have to do as a positive and what anybody that was within a six foot range of them for any amount of time, would have to quarantine as well, including the school bus. The number of kids in our district, our school buses will be much easier to social distance. It does not layer though. Those kids will quarantine that were directly in contact with that student. The question comes up about their siblings at home and that is not the case. The contact of a contact is not a contact. We will probably watch them for symptoms a little closer than some kids, but right now they would not fall into our action plan as far as what we do in that case,” Whitsitt reports.

Masks will be mandatory for everyone in the buildings. Parents will sign off on a symptom checklist and temperatures will be checked at the door each day.

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