Asst. Regional Supt. Lori Loving Says the IDPH Looking at Equity of Population and Special Needs for Schools

Assistant Regional Superintendent Lori Loving says the Illinois Department of Public Health is considering equity of all populations and special needs for their guidelines in remote learning this fall.

“Considering all populations and what that looks like for everyone within the guidelines there’s some different expectations for students with special needs or students who don’t have as much access to the internet connections or technology that they might need for remote learning. As a result, all of our districts are looking at these needs very carefully and considering their populations and what’s best for the students in their district.

The Regional Office of Education will host their Adult Education Classes Remotely. Assistant Regional Superintendent Lori Loving says the registration process for GED’s and ESL classes will be face-to-face beginning August 24th.

Lori Loving and Jodi Scott – Regional Office of Education Update

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