Be on the Lookout for Farmers on the Roadways

The pandemic has shut down many activities and events down in our area but not the harvest. With October a few days away, it means cooler temperatures and and farmers in the fields.  Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau Manager Gina Long wants to remind motorists to slow down and be on the look-out for Farmers on the road and in the fields.

“I know some people have started, some have started a little bit, and some haven’t yet started. Moisture levels are pretty high right now. It just depends where you are. I know that times are going to get rushed and so it is always important for both farmers and motorists to just be careful and slow down; big equipment can’t slow down and stop like vehicles can. I just hope everyone takes some safety precautions and again farmers just remember the people you have at home, whether that’s looking at your phone and the picture you have on your home screen or taping a picture up in your combine or tractor of your family just as a reminder that we want to be safe this harvest,” Long says.

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