W.C. Board Chairman William Reichow Resigns, Mike Pearson to Assume Position

The Warren County Board met on Wednesday, September 16th at the Court House with a variety of topics on the agenda. First, board member Mike Pearson read a letter from Board Chairman William Reichow announcing his resignation from the position as Board President and from the County Board. Mr. Reichow has served as the Chairman for the Warren County Board since 1992. Pearson will assume the position of Chairman of the board.
Dr. Ken Cramer, a 27-year Professor with Monmouth College made a presentation regarding support for wind power in Warren County. Cramer cited peer review studies in favor of renewable energy as a result of climate change specifically related to the use of wind turbines. Meanwhile, Melanie Monroe, a resident of southern Warren County made a presentation in opposition to the use of wind turbines in the rural areas. Monroe cited articles about the effects of wind turbines on health, as well as how the wind industry may lead to an increase in fracking or potential brown-outs. The board thanked both presenters for sharing their information.
The board also had a chance to see quotes regarding a potential new jailhouse in Warren County and included information from the architects. The update includes what a new jailhouse would look like with a courtroom, and without a courtroom, if they choose a vacant lot to build. The other option was to look at purchasing an existing building and add on or remodel a facility that would serve as the new jail. The proposed new jail would house up to 50 inmates and would allow Warren County to have separation of female and male residents. Currently, female inmates are transported to Mercer County and Warren County pays $43 per day for each resident. The Citizens Advisory Committee led by Chip Algren will meet in the near future for further discussion.
Finally, Jenna Link from the Warren County Health Department said our numbers look much better this week. The community based testing site that was held in Monmouth served 133 people with only 1 positve case as a result. Link is currently preparing a plan so that when doses of the vaccine are made available in November, priority groups are able to take advantage of the vaccine first. The Health Department is considering drive-thru clinics and the vaccine is considered to be administered in two doses with the 2nd coming 28 days after the first.
In closed session, the board voted to hire Mike McVey as the Supervisor of Assessments beginning October 1st. The next Warren County board meeting will be October 14th at 9:30 a.m.

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