Warren County Over 3000 Tests Remains at 7.1% Positivity Rate

The Warren County Health Department is announcing 4 additional confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), bringing the total cases to 288. Most cases have experienced mild symptoms. 267 individuals have
had their symptoms resolve. Due to federal privacy restrictions, release of any additional information is prohibited. To date there have been 3023 negative tests and 1 confirmed COVID related death.

The new cases include:
• 1 male between the ages of 20-40
• 1 male between the ages of 60-80
• 2 females between the ages of 60-80

County level COVID-19 metrics for Week 36 from August 30-September 5, 2020 indicate Warren County’s metrics are now stable. IDPH uses numerous indicators when determining warning signs of increased risk in the county. A county is considered at a warning level when at least two of the following metrics triggers a warning.

New cases per 100,000 people. If there are more than 50 new cases per 100,000 people in the county.
Warren County: 106 per 100,000
• Number of deaths. This metric indicates a warning when the weekly number of deaths increases more than 20% for two consecutive weeks
• Weekly test positivity. This metric indicates a warning when the 7-day test positivity rate rises above 8%.
Warren County: 7.1%
• ICU availability. If there are fewer than 20% of intensive care units available in the region.
• Weekly emergency department visits. This metric indicates a warning when the weekly percent of COVID19-like-illness emergency department visits increase by more than 20% for two consecutive weeks.
• Weekly hospital admissions. A warning is triggered when the weekly number of hospital admissions for COVID19-like-illness increase by more than 20% for two consecutive weeks
• Tests performed. This metric is used to provide context and indicate if more testing is needed in the county.
Warren County: 268
Test sites located in Warren County (OSF HFMC at 309-734-3141 and Cottage Clinic at 309-734-0100) are only setup to test symptomatic individuals. Knox County Health Department at 309-344-2225 and Eagle View Health Systems at 309-867-2202 are community-based test sites that can test symptomatic or asymptomatic.
• Clusters. This metric looks at the percent of COVID-19 cases associated with clusters or outbreaks and is used to understand large increases in cases.

These metrics are intended to be used for local level awareness to help local leaders, businesses, health departments, and the public make informed decisions about activities they choose to participate in. The metrics are updated weekly, from the Sunday-Saturday of the prior week. Warren County weekly metrics can be found at:

Warren County Health Department will continue to conduct compliance checks with businesses for the implementation of the emergency rules for the use of face coverings and social distancing and working with IDPH to increase access to testing.

***Report Courtesy of the Warren County Health Department***

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