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Warren County United Way Kicks Off Annual Campaign

The Warren County United Way annual campaign is underway. Twenty-five agencies were able to receive funds through the Warren County United Way. Executive Director Jeannie Weber highlights some of the agencies they fund:

“We always focus on health education and family success, so the agencies are very diverse. I know that you are aware of Jamieson Center and Warren Achievement Center, but we also fund the arts, the Buchanan Center for the Arts, and the History Museum. We have alternatives for older adults. Rainbow Riders is another agency that we fund. Last year we funded twenty-five agencies and we continue to grow with programming outside of the campaign. We are now serving approximately 27,000 families a year,” Weber shares.

The Warren County United Way will be relocating to the square in downtown Monmouth by the end of October. All renovations and furnishings being done have been donated and with the Lynn Everett Endowment the building has been purchased and no rent will have to be paid.

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