Illinois Senate Approves Bill Limiting Use of Restraints and Isolation on Students

The Illinois senate is voting to limit the use of isolation and restraints on children in school.

The bill has been in the works since a report came out in late 2019 about these practices being abused. It’s sponsored by Senator Ann Gillespie of Arlington Heights and bans prone restraints and withholding water or bathroom breaks for kids acting out. The measure also encourages schools to explore alternatives.

“There are new tools that are available that are proven effective without having to resort to restraints. Hopefully, school will learn those techniques and adopt them over time.”

The state would collect more data about the use of isolation rooms and time outs in school and some restraints would be allowed if a child is a danger to themselves or others. The bill now goes before the house.

“The purpose of the three year phase out is to help schools identify less harmful interventions and more therapeutic interventions that they can start to use to replace those kinds of restraints over time.”

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