M-R School District Implements Dual Language One-Way Program

Starting Tuesday, January 19th, students in the Monmouth-Roseville school district will return to their five day in-person hybrid learning schedule for the remainder of the third quarter after completing two full weeks of remote learning. During the recent Board of Education meeting, the board was updated on the multi-language learners program throughout the district. Superintendent Ed Fletcher has more:

“30% of our students have a home language other than English. We have students from 19 different birth countries and 15 plus languages represented: Spanish, French, Chen, Burmese, Corrine. We are a very eclectic school district. I think that lends itself to why our school district is so good in the sense that our students get to see kids from different areas and cultures and get to understand that information. We have implemented a dual language one-way program in grades Kindergarten through Sixth. We did start a seal of bi-literacy at the high school so we’ve had some Spanish and French students get a seal of bi-literacy. They get college credit for this.”

The Monmouth-Roseville School District has received $12,353 through the CARES Grant from the Village of Roseville to be used toward incurred expenses at the Junior High. Fletcher also stated that Joe Switzer has been appointed to the Board to fill the remainder of Anita Sells’ seat until April of 2023. Sells moved out of the district and resigned in December.

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