New Young Adult Memberships at the Warren County YMCA Geared Toward College Students

The Warren County YMCA has launched a new Young Adult Membership opportunity for those 19 to 29 years of age. Membership Director Ben Davis states the program is perfect for college students:

“We thought why we don’t have something that helps out a younger crowd; those that are in college, those that are just getting started and getting out of the house and getting off their parents’ insurances. What can we do to help them and make something cheaper and more affordable for somebody that is just starting out? We came up with the Young Adult Membership. It is a popular type of membership that has started going through YMCA’s. Basically instead of a normal adult price, it is only $26 a month, which is a lot more affordable. It is close to our youth and teen memberships that we have so it is especially great for college students.”

During the month of January, the Warren County YMCA is offering a $20.21 brand new membership with no join fee or contracts.

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