Discussion Continues on What Is Next for the Warren County Jail

The Warren County Board Buildings and Grounds Committee recently met with Klinger and Associates to further discuss the jail, courthouse and other structures. Committee Chairman Sean Cavanaugh reports most of the discussion was on Klinger and Associates experience with bond referendums:

“That is something that we have to take a very serious look at because we can have a jail plan or a site picked out or things of those nature, but if we cannot get the public to say to go for it, then it is worth nothing to us. So we really have to think about a team of individuals that can take us through that process so we can build the jail, which we desperately need. Also, I do believe every County Board member is saying that something has to be done and to take care of it and that is huge.”

Currently due to COVID and other situations, the Mercer County jail is not taking prisoners and the Warren County jail is at max capacity.

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