If You Need to Enroll in Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, Contact the Strom Center

Monmouth area residents are able to utilize the Strom Center to enroll in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as well as gather answers to which supplements for prescription drug programs work best for you. Executive Director, Carol McCrery explains that right now there have been challenges with Medicare Part D programs:

“They get a letter saying their medication is not covered. Well, there is a lot of reasons they may get that letter. One of them is that when we put the information in for the Medicare D plan, we put a quantity amount, we put a dosage amount, so if a person goes in and asks for, or the doctor maybe later on prescribes a higher dose, it could be that the dosage isn’t a covered amount. It may be that they need to get it in maybe two pills in a 5mg instead of one 10mg. It is crazy I know, but some of the plans are very specific to what quantity or what dosage they allow.”

If you get a letter, McCrery says they can work around that challenge and to call the Strom Center at 734-5677 to make an appointment Monday through Friday.  75% of the time McCrery says the appeal process has been successful to help people receive coverage.   

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