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Warren Achievement Center President/CEO Rick Barnhill Shares Community Day Program is Re-Opening March 17th

On March 17th, the Warren Achievement Community Day Program will be re-opening on a limited basis. President and CEO Rick Barnhill shared the re-opening is one year to date of when the day program was first shutdown due to the coronavirus:

“We tried re-opening once before, but we had a COVID outbreak and so we had to suspend it again. March 17th is the date and that is actually one year to the date in which we shut it down. This is going to be a limited re-opening and that means individuals living in our group homes and our apartments will be able to attend the Community Day Services Program; however, individuals that are living in the community at their own homes will not be able to attend at this time. It has something to do with we have to verify that everybody has been vaccinated. Also, we have to follow the State of Illinois and what they instruct us to do.”

Warren Achievement Center has been in the Monmouth community since 1961 and is currently serving 65 achievers.

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