While Some States are Opening Up and Ditching Mask Requirements, that Won’t be the Case in Illinois Anytime Soon

While some states are fully opening back up and ditching mask requirements, that won’t be happening in Illinois anytime soon. Texas and Mississippi most recently lifted mask mandates and rolled back many COVID restrictions. Governor JB Pritzker says Illinoisans will need to continue to mask up for awhile.

“I plan to keep the mask mandate in effect as long as it will be helpful in us keeping people safe across the state of Illinois. This virus has been so unpredictable. Who knew there would be variants of the virus that we are now going to fight. All I know is, the numbers are going in the right direction.”

The state’s current mask mandate lasts until early June. The governor says while COVID numbers are definitely improving, there are still concerns such as the variant strains of the virus and getting as many people as possible vaccinated.

***Report Courtesy of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services***

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