Monmouth College Communications Class and Warren County United Way Surveying Local Non-Profits to Identify Needs in the Community

Non-profits are important organizations in every community. A Monmouth College Communications class and the Warren County United Way have teamed up for a community project focusing on the non-profits in Knox, Warren, Henderson, and Mercer Counties. Dr. Lori Walters-Kramer, Associate Professor at Monmouth College, says this community project will identify needs in the area:

“Students learn about small group communication by being in a small group and working with a small group of other students, along with a community partner. They complete meaningful work for and with the community partner. This semester we have partnered with Warren County United Way and Forefront to help them better understand the non-profit sector in our area by surveying some of the organizations in that sector. We can glean more information about their needs.”

Currently the Warren County United Way funds 25 agencies.

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