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Jeff Rankin: How COVID-19 Has Affected and Will Continue to Affect Monmouth College

Jeff Rankin, the Monmouth College Editor and Historian, gives some insight on how the current pandemic compares to past epidemics, and what it means for the future of the college:

“When we were first going into this, we did a little research into the 1917 pandemic. It was one of those things where it was a brief few months, and then we snapped out of it, and everybody forgot about it and went on. Well, this one is ten times more impactful, and I think historians a hundred years from now will be looking back at Monmouth College or wherever and say this is a turning point. I think a lot of colleges were at a turning point anyway. So if Monmouth can ride this wave of uncertainty and get beyond it, I think we’ll be a much stronger place. It’s something we’re all pretty positive about.”

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