Illinois Legislators Touting $1.8 Billion Relief Plan

Its budget week at the capitol and both sides are talking relief. House Democrats are touting a $1.8 billion plan that would send checks to families making less that $500,000 a year and pausing both the grocery tax and holding back on a slated increase in the motor fuel tax.

Governor JB Pritzker says as the details get hammered out the budget must be responsible.

“The most important thing and you have heard me say this over and over again over the last three years, we have to balance the budget, we have to pay down debts wherever we can. There have been a lot of challenges that have faced the state and its fiscal condition, and we have an opportunity now to keep doing the right thing and indeed more so.”

The Governor notes he and his office are still looking over the entire proposal, but he is in support of the expansion of the earned income tax credit.

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