MFD Chief Rexroat Advises Caution with Burning in Windy Conditions

As you get out into the yard for that spring cleanup of sticks and leaves, Monmouth Fire Chief Casey Rexroat reminds everyone to stay with the fire while burning and be mindful of windy days:

“There have been a lot of studies that have been done on wind driven fires. That can create almost like a blow torch effect through a home. If you have a fire inside of a residence or any kind of a structure and you get one window broke, as many know as you blow on a fire it adds oxygen and increases the intensity of it and that can drive the fire right through your home so fast. We have had that happen on a couple of occasions where we have had really bad windy days. We just want to remind people to be careful if you are going to be doing any burning outside. Make sure you stay with it, have something to extinguish the fire, keep it away from any structures, and just be very careful with it.”

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**