Veterinarians Celebrate April as Healthy Pet Month in Illinois

Every pet owner wants to make sure their beloved companion animal is healthy and receives appropriate and humane healthcare essential to long life. The connections people have with their pets are vital links to unconditional love, support and overall well-being.

April is Healthy Pet Month and the member veterinarians and certified veterinarian technicians of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA) want to remind pet owners of the importance of preventative and annual health care for any companion pet or food animal.

“Veterinarians are the vital connection between a pet owner and their beloved companion animal,” says Devon Hague, DVM, ISVMA President, Clinical Associate Professor, Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Service Head, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, University of Illinois.

“A veterinarian dedicates themselves to use scientific knowledge and skills to promote public health and to protect the health and welfare of animals. Veterinarians passionately and professionally advocate for the health of animals and their caretakers and recognize the unique bonds we have with our favorite pets,” Dr. Hague reports.

Debbie Lakamp, ISVMA Executive Director agrees, saying veterinarians have taken an oath to help maintain people’s animals in the best possible health.

“The human-animal bond is an incredible connection between man and animal,” she says. “With pets, a loving relationship can ease anxiety, improve cardiovascular effects of stress, increase neurochemicals associated with relaxation and bonding, improve immune system functioning and can help alleviate depression, loneliness and low morale in humans. All animals in any veterinarian’s care receive the best in humane animal health care, and their human caretakers reap the benefits of a happy and healthy animal.”

Healthy Pet Month also brings awareness that veterinarians play a major role in helping animal producers maintain the health of herds and flocks. Veterinarians practice in all of Illinois’ 102 counties and are scientifically trained experts in animal health and welfare, disease, food safety, environmental conservation and public health.

The ISVMA is a professional association representing more than 2,000 member veterinarians, veterinary and technician students and Certified Veterinary Technicians from around the state to promote and protect veterinary practices. ISVMA leaders and members study a multitude of cutting-edge medical and business practices, as well as pertinent legislation to determine their impact on pets, animals and their human caretakers.

***Report Courtesy of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association***

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