Volunteers Plant Trees in Galesburg

Thursday was a fabulous morning for tree planting in Galesburg!  Fourteen can-do volunteers planted 19 trees in the Knox College area. City terrace plantings included five Brandywine Maples on South Academy, two Royal Raindrops Crabapples on West Brooks and three of these on South Kellogg, five Armstrong Gold Maples on South Prairie, and two Syringa Ivory Silk trees on South West Street. The group also planted two trees in Standish Park, a Black Gum tree and a Sassafras tree.  

The plantings are a coordinated effort by the City of Galesburg and Knox College. Mayor Peter Schwartzman welcomed the volunteers to kick off his proposed plan for the planting of approximately 350 trees on city property in Galesburg. Knox College funded these 19 trees and an additional tree that will be planted in Standish Park. The 20 trees celebrate the inauguration of the college’s 20th President Andrew McGadney. An Exclamation London Plane Tree will be planted by City Park Division staff on May 6th as part of the Knox College Inauguration ceremonies. 

Project 350 is rooted in the community Heart & Soul values of Galesburg on Track by supporting a positive, welcoming town image to residents and visitors while providing local volunteers with things to do. Volunteers joining Mayor Schwartzman on Thursday included Tree Commission members Pat Trant, Daniel Leahy, and Bill Sime. Other volunteers were Harrel Timmons, Lance Renfroe, Chuck Nelson, Don Fisk, Tom Engebretson, Chuck Schulz, Bob Knabel, Shane Beckner, Dave Christensen, and Tom Simkins. 

Providing support and guidance to the volunteers were Don Miles and the City of Galesburg Parks Department as well as Brad Bergren and his staff at the Knox College Grounds Department.

***Report Courtesy of the City of Galesburg***

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