WC Courthouse

Warren County Board Continues Evaluation on Expending ARPA Funds

The Warren County Board continues evaluation on how to best utilize roughly $3 million in American Rescue Plan Funds (ARPA) to benefit the county. Chairman Mike Pearson says one item currently passed by the board to expend funds is upgrades to the courthouse:

“We are looking at an awning to go in because in case you haven’t noticed the last time you were there, the sidewalk is littered with little pebbles and specs of shaling off limestone, which is what our courthouse is made out of. We also need to place some antiquated air conditioning units and heating units. One office could be 99 degrees and the next office is 32 degrees and we are going to try and make that more advantageous.”

A portion of the ARPA funds has also been approved for premium pay bonuses to county employees that fit the guidelines. The remaining monies have yet to be designated.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**