Don’t Suffer from Itchy, Watery Eyes Any Longer

With the change of seasons, allergies have ramped up. If you are experiencing itchy, watery, or red eyes, Dr. Ally Braet from Kehoe Eye Care says there are some easy treatments:

“If you are out there suffering with these kinds of symptoms, definitely let us know. There are a lot of easy treatments to make you more comfortable. Some easy treatments are eye drops; just one drop in the morning can really help ease those symptoms, especially people who wear contact lenses can be irritated with a lot of allergies during the season as well. If you feel like you are really feeling your contacts recently or they are starting to feel gummy or foggy or just itchy or uncomfortable, it is likely just due to some allergies and we can fix you right up nice and easy.”

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**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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