Dr. Ally Braet Says Now is the Time to Schedule Those Kid’s School Eye Exams

With the school year winding down, Dr. Ally Braet at Kehoe Eye Care says the summer is a great time for getting your children’s eye exams scheduled. As children may not be aware if they need glasses, Dr. Braet offers some signs to look for:

“Some common things are squinting or holding books too close to their face or sitting to close to the TV, rubbing their eyes often, but honestly often times kids don’t show any symptoms at all. They act completely normal. They don’t complain about their vision. A lot of times parents have no idea that their kids are having trouble seeing. It is really important to always have those checks, whether its kindergarten or even every one to two years after that just to make sure kids are seeing the way they should be seeing.”

Additionally, Dr. Braet reminds it is very important to protect your eyes against UV rays, whether it’s wearing polarized sunglasses or transition lenses when going outdoors.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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