Mayor Davies Addresses Questions as Transition to Lakeshore Recycling is Underway

As the transition from Millennium Waste to Lakeshore Recycling occurred this week for residents in the City of Monmouth, Mayor Rod Davies ensures if you have not received a new waste bin or the old has not been collected, it will get done:

“If a household has a Millennium can, if they fill it and did not get a Lakeshore can, if it is filled and, on the curb, they will dump it, they will receive it. If for some reason they did not get a can, put your bags out on the curb the morning of and they will get picked up as well. They are in the works on that and are also in the process of getting their local office opened. They were hoping to have that open this week so that folks could be there personally in necessary to request a larger cart, smaller cart, if they needed an extra one, whatever the case may be. The opening of their facility here at the old Alexander Lumber building was delayed.”

In the meantime, residents can contact City Hall to request an exchange of a trash bin or for other concerns that may arise.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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