Warren County Public Transportation to Utilize COVID Relief Funds for Building Upgrades

Warren County Public Transportation, which is operated through Warren Achievement Center, was earmarked $1.6 million in COVID relief funds. Marketing Coordinator Sean Cavanaugh says that money has to be spent first then reimbursed through the State of Illinois. Working with the Warren County Board to establish a line of credit, Cavanaugh shares the funds will be utilized for upgrades:

“The transportation is working with the County Board on remedying that situation. There is a possibility that there would be a line of credit set up with local banks that would allow immediate reimbursement for such expenses and then when the reimbursement comes in, it pays off the line of credit and any fees associated with that would come out of the COVID relief dollars. There’s extremely low risk. We are going to make many, many upgrades to the Warren County Public Transportation building. We are looking at a number of things. One of the more exciting things is solar panels on the buildings. Maybe that comes to fruition, maybe it does not, but that is something that is being looked at, it is put on the list. That would improve obviously the value of the building, the functionality of the building, and it would save Warren County Public Transportation a fortune on power bills.”

Warren County Public Transportation offers one-way rides in Monmouth for $1. Rides to Roseville, Little York, Kirkwood, and Cameron are $5 one-way.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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