26-man Squad Approved by FIFA for the 2022 World Cup

FIFA have confirmed that teams will be able to bring 26 players to the World Cup in Qatar later this year.

26 man squad world cup 2022

2022 FIFA World Cup Draw. AP

With the 2022 World Cup scheduled to take place in the winter, in the midst of most club competitions, the decision has been made to increase the size of the rosters to allow for more rotation and hopefully limit player injuries.

As a result, international managers can now call up a maximum of 26 players for the international tournament.

Release lists – the provisional squad submitted to FIFA in the build-up to the competition – have also been increased from 35 players to 55.

Any player included in the eventual 26-man squad must also play their final club game by November 13th. All major European leagues have already set their winter break to begin on that date.

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