City of Monmouth Enters Professional Service Agreements with Hanson Engineering for Airport Hangar Projects

The City of Monmouth has selected Hanson Engineering as the new Monmouth Municipal Airport engineer, which Hanson will prepare an airport layout plan for long term improvements at the airport as well as a detailed five-year plan. City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher shares upcoming projects at the hangar:

“This retainer now actually creates that contractual relationship for them to represent us officially with the Illinois Department of Transportation. Also, with that, we had two other projects that we want to undertake as soon as possible. Now that we have the hangar constructed, we need to construct an apron around the building so that the units that are on the backside of the hangar can be accessed on pavement. We had a Professionals Services Agreement with Hanson to do that work for us. The contract was for $34,500. On this project, as well as the next one, the other Professional Services Agreement was for $39,000 and that was to have them do the design and the bidding process construction on inspection for a new entrance road and a parking lot.”

Administrator Steinbrecher says these improvements and the engineering services agreements are eligible for 90% reimbursement from the Federal Aviation Funds.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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