4-H Members Show Off Hard Work and Dedication at 2022 Knox County Livestock Exhibition

Hard work, quality care, and dedication paid off as 4-H members in Knox County showcased their animals at this year’s Knox County Fair. These events provide an opportunity for youth to display sportsmanship and exude confidence as they showed the “best of the best” during the annual livestock and animal shows.

4-H youth who raise beef, swine, sheep, goats, rabbits, and poultry for their annual projects also had the opportunity to participate in the livestock auction and participants receive the full proceeds from the sale of their livestock.

The results of the Knox County livestock and animal shows are:

Beef Show

Hayden Beard, Champion Angus Heifer

Cal Shreeves, Reserve Champion Angus Heifer

Lola Link, Champion Hereford Heifer

Sadler Spring, Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer

Lauren Johnson, Champion Shorthorn Heifer

Lora Setterdahl, Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer

Kalen Setterdahl, Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer

Anna Link, Champion Charolais Heifer

Tucker Onion, Champion Chianina Heifer

Wravenna Johnson, Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer

Fletcher Onion, Champion Limousin Heifer

Ester Gibb, Champion Maine Anjou Heifer

Addyson Onion, Reserve Champion Maine Anjou Heifer

Rowan Main, Champion Mainetainer Heifer

Ester Gibb, Champion Red Angus Heifer

Anna Webel, Champion Simmental Heifer

Ethan Emken, Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer

Anna Webel, Champion Crossbred Heifer

Ciara Shreeves, Reserve Champion Crossbred Heifer

Hayden Beard, Grand Champion Heifer

Anna Link, Reserve Grand Champion Heifer

Ester Gibb, Champion British Breed Steer

Ester Gibb, Champion Shorthorn Steer

Jack Webel, Champion AOB Steer

Ainsley Link, Reserve Champion AOB Steer

Ester Gibb, Champion Chianina Steer

Cal Shreeves, Champion Main Anjou Steer

Jack Webel, Champion Simmental Steer

Ainsley Link, Reserve Champion Simmental Steer

Lauren Johnson Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer

Addysen Link, Champion Crossbred Steer

Will Shreeves, Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer

Dane Hennenfent, Champion Rate of Gain Steer

Ashlyn Brewer, Reserve Champion Rate of Gain Steer

Addysen Link, Grand Champion Steer

Will Shreeves, Reserve Grand Champion Steer

Vince Alfrey, Champion Bucket Calf

Addie Cain, Reserve Champion Bucket Calf

Addie Cain, Champion Record Book

Tucker Onion, Jr Showmanship

Anna Link, Intermediate Showmanship

Anna Webel, Sr. Showmanship

Goat Show

Logan Yeutson, Grand Champion Dairy

Aiden Yeutson, Reserve Grand Champion Dairy

Madilyn Pruett, Grand Champion Meat Wether

Bryce Varner, Reserve Grand Champion Meat Wether

Madilyn Pruett, Grand Champion Meat Doe

Erin Welch, Reserve Grand Champion Meat Doe

Zoey Yeutson, Intermediate Showmanship

Bryce Varner, Sr. Showmanship

Poultry Show

Max Main, Broiler Class Winner

Dylan Nimrick, Roaster Class Winner

Dylan Nimrick, Champion Meat Pen

Max Main, Reserve Champion Meat Pen

Zoey Yeutson, Champion American

Trent Stiers, Reserve Champion American

Sidney Stiers, Champion Asiatic

Max Main, Reserve Champion Asiatic

Ethan Main, Champion English

Logan Yeutson, Reserve Champion English

Trent Stiers, Champion Mediterranean

Sidney Stiers, Reserve Champion Mediterranean

Logan Yeutson, Champion Other Standard Breed

Sidney Stiers, Reserve Champion Other Standard

Trent Stiers, Champion Production Hybrid

Sidney Stiers, Reserve Champion Production Hybrid

Jessica Doubet, Champion Clean Legged Bantam

Jaden Doubet, Reserve Champion Clean Legged Bantam

Jaden Doubet, Champion Feather Legged Bantam

Jessica Doubet, Reserve Champion Feather Legged Bantam

Ethan Main, Grand Champion Poultry

Logan Yeutson, Reserve Champion Poultry

Rabbit Show

Jaden Doubet, Champion Mini Rex

Adalynn Snyder, Reserve Champion Mini Rex

Abigail Cooper, Champion Netherland Dwarf

Rosalind Flater, Champion Rex

Paige Nimrick, Champion Meat Pen

Jaden Doubet, Grand Champion Rabbit

Abigail Cooper, Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit

Adalynn Snyder, Junior Showmanship

Sheep Show

Megan Peterson, Grand Champion Ewe

Kalen Setterdahl, Reserve Grand Champion Ewe

Megan Peterson, Grand Champion Market Lamb

Addysen Link, Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb

Drake Nimrick, Grand Champion Market Pen of Lambs
Allison Hopkins, Reserve Grand Champion Market Pen of Lambs

Addysen Link, Jr. Showmanship

Kalen Setterdahl, Intermediate Showmanship

Lora Setterdahl, Senior Showmanship

Swine Show

Lola Link, Champion Crossbred Gilt

Rowan Main, Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt

Anna Link, Champion Purebred Gilt

Lola Link, Reserve Champion Purebred Gilt

Anna Link, Champion Berkshire Gilt

Mason Stone, Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt

Sadler Spring, Champion Duroc Gilt

Lola Link, Champion Spotted Swine Gilt

Kolt Malone, Reserve Champion Spotted Swine Gilt

Kolt Malone, Champion Yorkshire Gilt

Sadler Spring, Champion Tamworth Gilt

Lola Link, Grand Champion Overall Gilt

Rowan Main, Reserve Grand Champion Gilt

Lola Link, Champion Crossbred Gilt

Lola Link, Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt

Cooper Main, Champion Purebred Gilt

Sadler Spring, Reserve Champion Purebred Gilt

Lucy Kuelper, Champion Berkshire Gilt

Cooper Main, Champion Duroc Gilt

Kolt Malone, Reserve Champion Duroc Gilt

Sadler Spring, Champion Hampshire Gilt

Megan Peterson, Champion Hereford Gilt

Cooper Main, Champion Spotted Swine Gilt

Grady Anderson, Champion Tamworth Gilt

Mason Stone, champions Yorkshire Gilt

Sadler Spring, Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt

Lola Link, Grand Champion Barrow

Lola Link, Reserve Grand Champion Barrow

Shelby Taylor, Junior Showmanship

Alexis Main, Intermediate Showmanship

Megan Peterson, Senior Showmanship

To learn more about 4-H experiences in Knox County, visit our website at or contact the University of Illinois Extension office at (309) 342-5108.

WRITER: Jackie Spence, Publicity and Promotions Associate, Illinois Extension

***Courtesy of the University of Illinois Extension***

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