Ameren Illinois Promotes Safe Digging

Ameren Illinois is reminding you to make safe digging a practice. They say it’s crucial to call ‘811’ before you dig on your property to avoid hitting any underground utility or water lines. Not only is it the safe thing to do, but it’s also an Illinois law. Even planting a sapling or putting up a fence post has the potential to cause serious damage. Ameren Illinois spokesperson Jake Dukett says even burying a pet brings with it the potential for disaster.

“We actually had an incident like that just a couple weeks ago where a homeowner unfortunately lost a part of their family and went to do that in the backyard, so they could have that remembrance of them and unfortunately hit their gas servers and had a blowing gas event because of that, which adds to everything going on in that moment and time.”

The toll-free number is in operation 24 hours a day, and the law is to call at least 48 hours before you plan to dig.

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