City of Monmouth Update with Mayor Rod Davies, City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher, and Communications Director Ken Helms

Part 1: Building and Zoning report including two acquired properties up for demolition and improvements and opening of El Merkadito in the former Vaughn’s building
Part 2: Striping paint has arrived and begun in downtown Monmouth, plus discussion on the water supply and the upcoming Harlem Avenue reconstruction project
Part 3: The City is looking for bids on the construction of a parking lot that housed the former Dairy Building, which will be turned into a public area featuring a pergola, picnic tables, and more
Part 4: City of Monmouth has approved a service agreement with C & D Electric to perform electrical necessities within the city
Part 5: Discussion and approval on performing a feasibility study for Smithfield
Part 6: Discussion on creating an ordinance to regulate brush and tree disposal at the City of Monmouth’s landfill plus upcoming road reconstruction projects
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