Commercial Brush Drop-Off No Longer Allowed at City of Monmouth Landfill

Following an influx in commercial brush disposal at the City of Monmouth’s landfill, City Council has amended an ordinance to strengthen the verbiage and enforcement of items allowed to be dropped off free of charge, informs Communications Director Ken Helms:

“Council discussed and in the ordinance a way to strengthen it where no commercial drop-off is going to be allowed out there. Main restriction is up to six inches in diameter, sticks, those type of things. Now if a property owner does have a large branch or a tree that falls over, there is a mechanism where they can contact the Public Works Department, Director Jackson or his assistant, and there is a way that they can still dispose of that. It is just they need to talk to the City before bringing something out that is over six inches. There is going to be new signage put up out there that clarifies all the rules.”

Anyone discovered to have violated this ordinance will be fined.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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