JCC Expanding Food Pantry Space

With the increase of community members utilizing the Jamieson Community Center Food Pantry, the current space has been outgrown. Executive Director Nancy Mowen explains some changes are now being made to better serve visiting individuals and families:

“Our thrift store is temporarily closed. We are designating a space in the thrift store that will be specifically for pantry shopping. It will be the first of its kind in our area. We are going to actually be moving the shopping area for the pantry into a section of the thrift store. That is going to do a lot of great things; one, it is going to allow people to choose, it is going to help with that storage space, it is also going to allow people that come visit the pantry to come in the front door of the building.”

The change of spaces at the Jamieson Community Center is expected to be completed by early to mid-August, which will also increase the hours the food pantry will be open.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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