Kirkwood Native Jim Missavage Receives 2022 Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau Ag Service Award

The Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau® proudly presented this year’s Ag Service Award to
Jim Missavage. Jim was born in Monmouth in 1952, one of 10 children and twin to sister, Jane.
He graduated from Yorkwood High School in 1970 and went to Carl Sandburg for 1 year before
he started to farm near Kirkwood in the fall of 1971. That next April, he married his wife Martha,
meaning they just celebrated their 50th anniversary this spring. Jim & Martha are parents to
Molly, Melissa, and Brandon, and have three grandchildren: Drew, Mallory, and Avery.

Involved in agriculture from a young age, Jim enjoyed a career as a Pioneer seed
representative for over 42 years, operating Missavage Seed. He served the Monmouth,
Kirkwood, and Little York areas in seed sales, deliveries, and agronomy calls. When asked
about his favorite part of his career, he stated he enjoyed building relationships with area
farmers and becoming friends with many. Jim shared his motto he embraced his whole career:
W.I.T. (Whatever It Takes), a sign he still has on his desk.

Being a part of the agriculture industry for over half a century has no doubt left Jim with
countless memories and stories. When asked to share a memorable one, he mentioned: “I had
a great friend that had a 5-bypass surgery and I organized a harvest for their operation. I was in
awe of the local outpouring of help. I had to turn people away. We harvested their whole crop in
one day. Amazing how farmers come together when needed.”

In addition to staying busy building relationships with farmers and running a farm, Jim and
Martha helped with the United School District cookie program for many years.The Missavages
were also a drop spot for Warren County Girl Scouts cookies for 15 years.

Outside of agriculture, Jim loves spending time with Martha and their kids; he also has a
love for woodworking and enjoys a little fishing. Now that they have more time (though Jim is
still farming in the Kirkwood area), Jim & Martha are also finally starting to travel.

Jim is a solid example of someone who spent the great majority of his life working with area
farmers, figured out the best way to put up with area farmers, and built a successful and reliable
business with Pioneer. We are honored to present this year’s Ag Service Award to Jim

The Ag Service Award is an annual award Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau® started giving
out in 1992. It is awarded to an individual who has been a great supporter of agriculture and
given unselfishly to help others in the agricultural field. Past recipients of this award include Curt
Eisenmayer, Jim McCurdy, John Allaman, Ernest Robinson, Evelyn Shimmin, Herb Allen,
Pauline Winbigler, Russell & Maxine Stewart, Wendell Shauman, Hugh Winbigler, Larry Dowell,
Leon Martin, Ray Defenbaugh, Tom Peterson, Ken Nimrick, Jim & Cecil Lovdahl, Russ Mason,
the Twomey Family, Ron & Deb Moore, Ron Blotna, Don & Carole Earp, Vanessa Wetterling,
Mark Phillipson, Carol Ricketts, Rob Elliott, Don McIntyre, and Lynn Shimmin.

***Courtesy of the Warren-Henderson Farm Bureau***

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