Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals this Fourth of July Weekend

The Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office is urging the public to leave fireworks to the professionals. Fireworks and even novelty items like sparklers can be dangerous, causing fires or a trip to the ER says Fire Marshal Spokesperson JC Fultz. Last summer in Illinois, 202 people were injured by fireworks and one person died.

“That is just what was reported. We are aware of more injuries that occurred throughout the June and July period because of the use of fireworks and over half of those injuries occurred in persons of the age of 22, with 50% of all injuries affecting hands.”

Fultz reminds that sparklers burn at temperatures of more than 12-hundred degrees, which is hot enough to melt many metals. Just one touch to the skin may cause permanent damage or scarring.

***Courtesy of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services***

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