Macomb Bombers

Macomb Youth Boys’ Basketball Summer Programs Increasing in Numbers

Macomb Boys Basketball Coach Jeremy Anderson continues to strengthen his varsity program through summer ball tournaments.  Anderson says his numbers in the program are increasing….

“We had our Youth Camp and had more kids than we have ever had, and I don’t really know why. I don’t know if it was just a big group. For example, our fourth and fifth grade section, there were 47 kids alone in just that one group, which that is a really good number. For us, that might actually be pushing the limit just because the way our gym is set up, it is a great venue for ballgames, but for practicing and having that many kids it was kind of tough, but a really good turnout. The younger group, the second and third grade had 25 and the junior high kids had 35, but all together it went really well.”

Anderson the younger campers enjoyed working out with the Varsity players.

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