MFD Improves Preparedness and Response with Monthly Training Scenarios

Each month the Monmouth Fire Department undergoes different training scenarios or areas of topics. The month of June focused on fire behavior through a structure and ventilation. Captain Craig Cozadd also attended a National Incident Management System class at the Galesburg Fire Department that provided training on responding to a large-scale incident:

“This class is like large scale is what it deals with. We learned about things that we may not actually get into here in Monmouth, such as large-scale wildfires or dynamic things that we would never experience in this area; however, it is not to say we couldn’t possibly end up there because we have had guys in Louisiana with hurricanes and things like that. You don’t know where you will end up, but the idea behind this is we would show up and we would know how to set up whether it has to do with logistics or planning or operations or whatever. We know how the system works so then we can work with all the other entities that are there. They work the same way and plug everybody in and then there is no confusion as far as what should be done.”

During the month of June, the Monmouth Fire Department responded to 125 incidents, including one fire and eighty medical calls of service.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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