Monmouth City Council Approves Commercial Building Rehab Reimbursements

Three commercial businesses in Downtown Monmouth have applied for rehabilitation reimbursement through the City of Monmouth. City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher says the program has become very popular among the City’s businesses and explains how an owner goes about the process:

“Under the TIF Commercial Building Rehab program, the building owner is responsible for in their application to secure a quote from a qualified contractor to do the work. Once it is approved, they have to get a contractor that will apply for a building permit. Once the work is completed it will be inspected by the City’s Building Official to be approved in being done correctly. Then there has to be proof of payment to that to qualify for a 30% reimbursement of that cost.”

The Monmouth City Council has approved reimbursement funds for three local businesses that will be undergoing construction improvements: $9,016 for 211 North Main Street, $8,100 for 66 Public Square, and $2,795 for 55 Public Square.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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