Monmouth City Council to Vote on the Use of Golf Carts on City Streets in August

The Monmouth City Council is reconsidering an ordinance that was voted down 4-3 in September of 2021 regarding the use of golf carts on city streets.  On Monday July 18th during their regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the council held a discussion regarding the restrictions that would accompany a new ordinance in an effort to pass the use of golf carts in the City.  Roads under consideration for non-use would include North 11th, North 6th, the public square, Broadway and Main Street and the vehicles would require an annual inspection and registration process.  The fee would be $50.00 and would require all persons who operates these vehicles have a valid Illinois driver’s license.  Other requirements would include a slow-moving emblem decal, rear view mirror, headlights and taillights, a steering wheel and under no circumstances would the ordinance allow for vehicles with straddle seats such as an ATV.  Communications Director Ken Helms says this discussion and motion will be most likely on the agenda for next month’s City Council meetings and right now, it is illegal to operate these vehicles in the City of Monmouth.

“We have had a lot of people asking if this could be possible because a lot of smaller towns around Monmouth have passed similar ordinances and are permitting it. So that is why this is going to council. Right now, it is not legal to operate anything other than a low-speed vehicle on city streets. You do not want to go out a buy a golf cart or start driving your golf cart on the road until council makes a decision and the verbiage is complete, and it is legal to do so.”

City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher says council will have formal consideration and a vote:

“So, after a discussion among the council members, they did pass a motion authorizing the city attorney to make appropriate changes to the September ordinance and bring it back. So, it looks like that will appear on the agenda for formal consideration for vote by the city council at that first meeting in August.”

For more information or to provide a comment, residents can call City Hall at 734 2141.