Silvie’s Ride Raises Over $25,000 for Abuse Survivors

While it is difficult to think about, many children in the United States have experienced or witnessed abuse. Silvie Yocum of McDonough County, Illinois, was one of those children who died as a result of domestic violence in September 2006. Members of her family, in partnership with the Knights Motorcycle Riding Club, host an annual awareness event in her memory called Silvie’s Ride Against Child Abuse. All proceeds go to Silvie’s Fund at WIRC-CAA Victim Services, which provides free counseling and advocacy services to survivors of abuse. After the June 18, 2022 event, Victim Services officials are excited to report their agency received a record-breaking $25,137 this year.

Silvie’s Ride is a unique event that invites the public to ride as a group throughout multiple counties in western Illinois. The event starts at the Macomb Elks Lodge, and attendees are welcome to purchase breakfast and bid on items in a silent auction. Those who wish to participate in the ride pay a registration fee. Motorcycles are encouraged, but all vehicles are welcome. After riding to scheduled stops in Hancock, Henderson, McDonough, and Warren counties, the riders return to the Elks Lodge for dinner and a presentation.

“Hearing and watching around 100 motorcycles and other vehicles leaving at the same time for this cause is impressive and moving,” said Victim Services Public Relations Manager Jamie Roth. “We are so grateful for the donation. It will help our agency to continue providing our free services to people who are in crisis.”

Tim Weaver of Weaver Guns and Ammo, a Macomb-based business, raised $10,000 of the event’s total donation through a fundraiser of his own. He presented the gift to Silvie’s Ride on Friday, June 17. Weaver is a strong supporter of the cause to end child abuse, and also notably raised $10,000 for Silvie’s Ride in 2021.

Roth continued that it is important to believe a child if they tell you they have been abused. “On average, children will tell adults they have been abused at least seven times before they are believed and action is taken,” she said. “I cannot stress enough how important it is to believe someone when they disclose and offer your support. Then, you can refer them to an agency, like Victim Services, so that a trained professional can advise them of their options.”

Donations for Silvie’s Fund are accepted year-round. To learn more, visit or call Victim Services’ business line at 309-837-6622.

Victim Services is a nonprofit, social service agency that provides free and confidential crisis counseling, medical advocacy and legal advocacy to adult and child survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and/or stalking in western Illinois. Survivors of any age, gender identity, or sexual orientation are welcome to call their 24/7 crisis hotline at 309-837-5555 to have a free and confidential conversation with a counselor.      

Caption: Hundreds of people gathered to raise awareness of child abuse at Silvie’s Ride on June 18, 2022. The large group of mostly motorcycle riders traveled throughout Hancock, Henderson, McDonough, and Warren counties in Illinois [Photo by Jamie Roth, Victim Services].

***Courtesy of WIRC-CAA Victim Services***

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