Smithfield and City of Monmouth to Conduct Feasibility Study of Methane Gas Flare

Smithfield recently approached the City of Monmouth on the market potential for utilizing the methane gas that is currently flared at the north pretreatment plant, explains City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher:

“About six years ago at Smithfield’s request, we did do a feasibility study on the market potential to clean this gas and create what is known as renewable natural gas to be at use for and put into the gas pipeline or use as fertilizer, that type of thing. We did try to approach the market six years or so ago and several potential prospects in terms of trying to make more viable use of that gas that is being flared and we were not able to put a project together, but the market has changed significantly. Smithfield asked the city if we would do another feasibility study with the tax credits and some of the increase of natural gas prices and that type of thing. It has made the potential of viable business model to be developed here.”

Woodard and Curran has proposed a bid of $14,900 for the feasibility study, which Smithfield has offered to pay for, to look at the market potential on cleaning the methane gas to make a usable renewable natural gas.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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