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Unsure of Where to Begin in Planning for Your Future?

No matter what your life goals are, or you are unsure of where to begin, Country Financial has a wealth of resources to assist. Local Representative Tiffany Cole shares how the process begins for someone that may just be starting out:

“Come in and talk. Let’s sit down and visit. A lot of times with the younger folks, we start out just trying to figure out what their budget is and where they maybe could cut a few corners to save a little bit more. It is amazing the younger you start saving, the more that piles up with the interest or your earnings accumulating and compounding over the years. So that is usually where it starts with the younger ones is just helping with a little bit of budgeting, but kind of setting a few long-range plans and just going from there, getting together at least once a year to review things to see if we need to make any tweaks in their plan.”

For your insurance or finance questions, contact Tiffany at 309-734-9400.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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