West Central Graduate Brody Miller and Band Atlas Take Charge Back to Playing Gigs

Four-piece metal band from Henderson County, Atlas Take Charge, will hit the stage at Wake N Bake Breakfast Company in Burlington on Friday, July 22nd. Atlas Take Charge will play in their first gig since 2021 West Central High School Graduate and band member Brody Miller recently battled and overcame a cancer diagnosis. Miller, guitarist for the band, explains the type of music attendees will hear:

“We are a four-piece metal band and when I say metal, we are not the 80s kind of metal. We have a weird genre, it is like a mix of a few, but I guess my best way to describe it is melodic death core. There is screaming, but it still has clean melodies and a lot of really pretty stuff within the angry stuff, quote on quote. We are really trying to hit all types of fields and get everyone’s ear and in the end of the day, it turns into a really cool sound. We are playing with Heartsick and Manhattan Blockade, two good friends of the band.”

Doors open at 8 pm. $10 cover charge for all ages to enter.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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