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City of Monmouth Has Submitted Road Contruction Projects to IDOT for Approval

The Monmouth City Council has submitted their 45-block road project to the Illinois Department of Transportation for approval before going out to bid, says Mayor Rod Davies:

“We have submitted 45 blocks for repair and that includes intersections that are required by ADA to be brought into compliance as well where they interact with those spots. We are estimating that it will be a $1.3 million project. We will have to see how the bids come in and once we get the project approved, we will share those roads with Council. We have covered a broad area of town with keeping in mind the underground infrastructure and trying to cover the worst streets first and those that we have already fixed the infrastructure or don’t have to fix any underneath.”

Mayor Davies says the project is funded by the state motor fuel tax.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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