City of Monmouth Update with Mayor Rod Davies, City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher, and Communications Director Ken Helms

Part 1: Building and Zoning Report of ongoing construction within the City
Part 2: Public Works Report, including discussion on the City’s approval of a trailer mounted sewer vacuum machine
Part 3: Discussion on submission of road projects within the City of Monmouth to the Illinois Department of Transportation for approval
Part 4: Discussion on the Ordinance pertaining to the use of Low-Speed Vehicles and Golf Carts on City streets, which will be brought up at the next City Council meeting as amendments are being made to the current ordinance
Part 5: Discussion of a Class 6 Liquor License at the Monmouth College campus, plus talk on the upcoming Car Show on Friday, August 5th and items not allowed, including bicycles, golf carts, Bird scooters, or pets
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