Dog Saves Family in Washington, IL

An Illinois family’s dog is being called a hero for saving the lives of her neighbors.  Lisa Fenwick, the owner of six-year-old Bella, says her dog’s barking alerted them that the family’s house caught on fire and her neighbors are grateful for Bella and the support to help them get back on their feet:

“The whole time I was like my dog is okay, the family is fine, but of course you always think of what if. Things could have been a lot worse.”

The house fire happened in Washington, Illinois, outside of Peoria.  Fenwick planned to bring Bella over to her neighbor’s house the morning she was going out of town but decided last minute to drop her off the night before.  That early drop-off likely saved the family’s life.  The fire spread rapidly damaging almost everything, but no one was hurt.  The Washington Fire Chief says the cause is still under investigation.

***Courtesy of Total Traffic News***

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