Further Amendments Being Conducted on City of Monmouth’s Golf Cart and Non-Highway Vehicles Ordinance before Approval

The ordinance regulating the operation of certain golf carts, low speed vehicles, and other non-highway vehicles within the City of Monmouth remains pending after Monday night’s Council Meeting. Following an in-depth discussion, the Monmouth City Council voted to change some amendments within the ordinance, which will be brought up for a second reading at the next council meeting, including the exemption of low-speed vehicles, a $50 inspection fee, and $50 registration fee per year, explains Mayor Rod Davies:

“The way this looks right now is a low-speed vehicle will be exempted. That may be brought back at some point in the future, but for now that has been exempted from this ordinance and this is strictly about the registration and operation and required safety equipment and the streets that these golf carts would be allowed to operate on; none of the main thoroughfares and there is a list of streets that they are not allowed to operate on. They are required to be inspected by the police department and registered with Public Safety where they will receive a sticker identifying them as being registered. Not just anybody who owns a golf cart can jump in it and go out and ride around after the ordinance is passed if it is.”

Pending approval of the use of golf carts and other non-highway vehicles within Monmouth city limits, Communications Director Ken Helms says an informational bulletin will be posted explaining requirements for the vehicles and streets that will not be allowed on:

“There are a number of safety features that need to be put on the golf cart. Most golf carts for instances don’t have turn signals, so those would have to be retrofitted onto it in order to work It basically needs to pass the test that the police department, the inspection that they are going to do before it can legally be operated on city streets. Just want to make that very clear because the police will be ticketing people if they are operating a golf cart, a specific golf cart, on city streets that have not been inspected and have not been registered.”

Questions or comments can be directed to your designated alderman or Monmouth City Hall at 309-734-2141.

**Written by WMOI/WRAM Director of Communications Kelsey Crain**

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