Be Cyber Aware; Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin Informs Personal Information Thefts Do Happen Locally


As technology is ever evolving, unfortunately so are the so called bad actors as they become more skilled and even more crafty, targeting individuals to get any type of information they can. While we like to think these cybercrimes happen more globally or in more populated areas, Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin informs the theft of personal information is seen locally:

“That is being used by individuals where particularly those people who are trying to get money to either buy drugs, buy methamphetamine, or buy guns; where people would break into people’s houses or break into people’s cars, now they are obtaining personal information where they can open up bank accounts or get credit cards or even get into the bank accounts of individuals without them knowing.”

Be cautious on who you are giving out personal information too or where it is being placed. If something looks suspicious, always feel free to contact your local banker or law enforcement.

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