Legislation now waiting to be signed into law would let non-citizens residents get a standard Illinois driver’s license. Currently, non-citizens can apply for a temporary visitor driver’s license, but that can’t be used as a form of identification. This presents a problem when someone needs to show their ID to pick up a prescription or open a bank account says Senator Ram Villivalum of Chicago. He says the change is needed.

“This legislation is about dignity, respect, and inclusion. This legislation is about making us safer. It is simplifying our system and I think it is the time that someone that has a temporary driver’s license, transitions to a standard driver’s license so they can get a prescription from a pharmacy and be able to present themselves at a restaurant or store.”

Non-citizens would have to take a driver’s test and prove they have auto insurance. They would not be eligible for the real ID.

***Courtesy of the Illinois Department of Central Management Services***