SSB Vice President Dorothy Ricketts Advises Individuals to Watch Bank Activity as Debit Card Scams and Check Washing is on the Rise


Security Savings Bank Vice President Dorothy Ricketts informs debit card scams are on the rise and they are calling customers daily to issue new cards. While the bad actors will randomly run card numbers through software at home to try and gain the information, Ricketts advises being on the lookout for robocalls asking for your card information and pin numbers:

“We have had an interesting circumstance pop up where a customer received a robocall that stated it was from the monitoring service and this customer was asked to enter their card number and their pin to confirm that it was them. Most monitoring services won’t ask for the pin because many systems the pin is hidden behind algorithms, so a monitoring service is not going to know what your pin is. Of course, that gave the bad actors the opportunity to have both the card number and the pin and then a counterfeit card was created.”

Ricketts also reports check washing is on the rise, and is encouraging customers to utilize online banking services to keep an eye on accounts, know when a check or debit purchase clears and identify out-of-the-ordinary activity sooner.

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